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High Grade Gold And Copper Confirmed at Cook Project In Nevada

June 21st, 2018 -Saskatoon, SK—Canadian Platinum Corp. ("CPC" or the "Company"—TSXV:CPC) is pleased to announce the results of the initial field exploration program on the Company’s Cook Gold Project in northern Nevada.

Managed by Axiom Exploration Ltd., of Saskatoon, SK, exploration work completed to date on the property includes: an airborne magnetometer survey, carried out by Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd.; Orthomosaic photogrammetry; a fixed-wing airborne hyperspectral survey carried out by SpecTIR LLC of Reno, Nevada; and an initial surface prospecting, mapping and sampling program.

Highlights of the exploration program include:

  • 35 historic mine workings located in 7 distinct areas of the property, collecting 69 rock samples, both in situ chip samples and grab samples from mine dumps, for assay.
  • High-grade gold mineralization confirmed historic assay results:
    • 20 samples (29%) assayed greater than 10g/t (0.3 opt) gold.
    • 12 samples (17%) assayed greater than 35g/t (1.0 opt) gold.
    • The highest grade gold assay ran 90.9 g/t (2.65 opt) gold from an in situ chip sample
  • High-grade copper mineralization, not generally noted in the historic reports, was discovered:
    • 19 samples (28%) assayed greater than 0.5% copper.
    • 12 samples (17%) assayed greater than 2.0% copper.
    • 6 samples (9%) assayed greater than 5.0% copper
    • The highest grade copper assay ran 15.6% copper from a mine dump sample.
  • Four major mineralized structures (see descriptions below) were identified from the mapping and assay data:
    • Structure 1: strike length 2.1 km, high-grade gold
    • Structure 2: strike length 1.75 km, high-grade gold
    • Structure 3: strike length 1.95 km, mostly high-grade copper with good gold assays in places
    • Structure 4: strike length 1.80 km, high-grade gold
  • The hyperspectral survey identified surface alteration dominated by propyllitic alteration that is present over a bedrock exposure area of approximately 6km by 4km. This is indicative of a large mineralizing system, potentially an extension of the Battle Mountain-Eureka gold belt, and has high potential for low sulfidation epithermal gold mineralization (like the nearby Sleeper Mine) and gold-copper porphyry-style mineralization. Phengitic to muscovitic illite and kaolinite are also present and high crystallinity illite appears to be associated with known occurrences of precious metals.

The initial sampling program focused on historic mine workings with in situ chip samples taken where possible and, where not possible, grab samples from rock dumps near the adits and shafts. The mineralization is associated with fault structures and breccia zones in a volcanic host rock. As noted above, 3 of the 4 major linear structures identified are dominated by high-grade gold mineralization and 1 structure is dominated by high-grade copper mineralization. The top 10% gold and copper assays are:

Samples ranked by gold assay

Sample#TypeLocation/StructureAu g/tAu optCu%
29739 In situ Dyke Canyon/1 90.90 2.65 0.24
29769 Mine dump McDonald Ridge/1 64.40 1.88 5.61
29758 In situ Solo Canyon/3 63.90 1.86 0.34
29752 In situ Copper Canyon/4 51.60 1.51 2.80
29735 In situ Dyke Canyon/1 50.10 1.46 0.59
29761 In situ Solo Canyon/3 44.90 1.31 0.55
29738 In situ Dyke Canyon/1 38.20 1.12 0.29

Samples ranked by copper assay

Sample #TypeLocationCu%Au g/tAu opt
29746 Mine dump Copper Canyon/3 15.60 1.76 0.05
29710 In situ Dyke Canyon/3 11.20 5.98 0.17
29745 Mine dump Copper Canyon/3 10.60 1.14 0.03
29712 In situ Dyke Canyon/3 8.23 0.74 0.02
29769 Mine dump McDonald ridge/1 5.61 64.40 1.88
29711 In situ Dyke canyon//3 5.00 1.88 0.05
29750 Mine dump Copper Cayon/3 3.48 2.45 0.07

Looking at the individual linear structures, selected assay results are:

Structure 1-High-Grade Gold Dominant

Sample#TypeLocationAu g/tAu optCu%
29739 In situ Dyke Canyon 90.90 2.65 0.24
29769 Mine dump McDonald Ridge 64.40 1.88 5.61
29735 In situ Dyke Canyon 50.10 1.46 0.59
29738 In situ Dyke Canyon 38.20 1.12 0.29
29740 In situ Dyke Canyon 38.00 1.11 0.04
29732 In situ Dyke Canyon 36.20 1.06 0.21
29734 In situ Dyke Canyon 35.70 1.04 0.83

Structure 2-High-Grade Copper Dominant

Sample #TypeLocationAu g/tAu optCu%
29728 Mine dump Tiller Mine 36.00 1.05 0.05
29727 Mine dump Tiller Mine 17.40 0.51 0.06
29729 Mine dump Tiller Mine 13.90 0.41 0.05
29726 Mine dump Tiller Mine 3.19 0.09 0.03

Structure 3-High-Grade Copper Dominant

Sample #TypeLocationAu g/tAu optCu%
29746 Mine dump Copper Canyon 1.76 0.05 15.60
29710 In situ Dyke Canyon 5.98 0.17 11.20
29745 Mine dump Copper Canyon 1.14 0.03 10.60
29712 In situ Dyke Canyon 0.74 0.02 8.23
29749 In situ Copper Canyon 20.10 0.59 2.36
29759 In situ Solo Canyon 37.00 1.08 0.73
29761 In situ Solo Canyon 44.90 1.31 0.55
29758 In situ Solo Canyon 63.90 1.86 0.34

Structure 4-High-Grade Gold Dominant

Sample #TypeLocationAu g/t*Au optCu%
29752 In situ Copper Canyon 51.60 1.51 2.80
29733 In situ Dyke Canyon 27.80 0.81 0.69
29736 In situ Dyke Canyon 18.50 0.54 0.82
29737 In situ Dyke Canyon 12.80 0.37 0.44
29725 In situ Rattlers Ridge 7.94 0.23 0.12

*Au assays converted from ppb and Cu assays converted from ppm

The orogenic structural setting found on the Cook property is highly complex with multiple events, orientations and kinematics. Four of the major mineralized structures were identified and focused on during this exploration program and are labeled 1 thru 4 as indicated above. The width of the mapped structures sampled was variable ranging from 0.2m to 1.5m in apparent thickness, which will be more accurately defined during the fall diamond drill program when drill data is available.

Structure 1 is a stacked, shallow-dipping, northwest-southeast striking fault with multiple high grade gold samples taken over a 2.1km strike length. This fault showed features that could be attributable to thrust faulting.

Structure 2 is an east-west striking, steeply-dipping, strike-slip fault system showing 1.5 – 2.0 m dextral offset. This fault intersects the Tiller Mine and extends to the far west area of the southern part of the property, although more infill evidence between the identified 1.75km strike length and the suspected extension is required to increase the confidence of its continuity.

Structure 3 is a northwest-southeast trending, steeply-dipping fault, with strike-slip kinematics. This fault has been ground-proven with multiple exposed locations throughout its 1.95km strike length and is one of the programs highest priority drill targets.

Structure 4 is a north-south trending, steeply dipping, Reidel-type structure with multiple high grade gold samples collected within an alteration zone along its mapped 1.8km strike length.

Based on the interpretation of the airborne data and the assay results, further ground work will be carried out including geochemical and geophysical surveys following up the detailed structural and geological mapping to date, followed by drill target selection and drilling.

Gary Billingsley, President, comments “We are more than pleased with these initial results. These are some of the highest grade gold assays observed on the property to date and that, combined with the discovery of a high-grade copper-bearing structure, is extremely encouraging. The evidence points to a robust epithermal mineralizing system that presents a real opportunity for the Company to establish a resource.”

The 70%-owned Cook Gold Project consists of 88 lode claims located 100 km northwest of Winnemucca, Nevada. Historic results, maps and other information can be viewed on the Company website www.canplats.ca.

Technical Information

The rock samples collected for assay were submitted to the Saskatchewan Research Council laboratory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Strict QA/QC protocol was followed for sample preparation and analyses. Standards, blanks and duplicates were included in the sample stream on a regular basis. The analytical method for gold was a lead-fusion fire assay with an ICP-OES finish. All other elements, including copper, were analyzed by aqua regia digestion with an ICP-OES finish.

Qualified Persons

The technical data in this news release have been prepared, reviewed, and approved by Gary Billingsley, PEng, PGeo, a qualified person under the terms of National Instrument 43-101.

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